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Trials Motorcycles

The Sport of Motorcycles Trials

Off road motorcycling is becoming more and more popular with riders. One of the most popular genres of off road motorcycle is motocross trials. Of all the off road motorcycling disciplines, there is no doubt that observed trials are among the most technical. The discipline requires dedication and precision as it is more based on balance and skill, rather than speed.

A motorcycle trial is a sport that is the opposite of most other off road motorcycling disciplines. It is not a race and certainly nothing to do with speed. Riders use their specialist motorcycles to encounter a range of obstacles that might stand in their way. It is a global sport and in the last few decades the likes of national and worldwide championships have been created.



Even for someone that is not involved in motorcycle trials, it is quite easy to notice a trials bike. They are about as lightweight as it gets and basically look like a rolling chassis, with no seating area at all. This is because riders do not sit down when participating, as standing up offers a much better balance for them.

The whole setup of the trials motorbike is different in comparison to an enduro or motocross bike, which have high travel suspension and comfy seats. Instead the trials bike has short travel suspension, ideal for the terrain that it crosses.

Most riders that excel in motorcycle trials will excel in other disciplines, as it offers a chance to gain bike control. The suspension is limited, throttle control has to be excellent and the obstacles are sometimes very extreme, making it the perfect platform to learn bike control.



The reality is that some of the top trials riders of the past are now excelling in other off road motorcycling. Take the likes of David Knight for instance, a competent trials rider, yet he is also an enduro legend. He has proceeded to dominate a range of enduro championships including the AMA Indoor, World Enduro Championship, British Enduro Championship and well known races such as the Weston Beach Race.

There is no doubt that a motorcycle trial is extremely exciting. That being said, it is a sport that requires plenty of dedication and practice.